Saturday, 28 January 2012

Kanex Sydnee – iOS Device Charger with Extra Safety Protection!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of them we used to use many iOS devices like iPad, iPhone….. And charging several devices one by one can be sometimes a tedious process. We might get some problems in finding enough plugs, spave or both to try to get them all juiced up at once. We expect for charger for several iOS devices and that to charging simultaneously. Now, Sydnee from Kanex makes recharging process a lot simpler. It uses wired connection and it only recharges iOS devices, so it’s perfect to recharge iPad or iPhone at the same time.
  • One Cord Four Wonders
  • Recharges iOS devices with confidence
  • With no tangle and no mess, cables stay neatly concealed
  • Sydnee blends flawlessly with our décor
  • Built with simplicity in mind
 This charger can recharge up to four iOS device and due to its design, we can easily attach up to three iPads to it. It provides an advantage that the charger actually looks pretty good and can handle tablet, laptop and smartphone at the same time without missing a beat. It has 4 USB ports and provides 2.1 Amps of power, and in order to protect iOS devices from overcharging, when once charging is complete it automatically shuts down and that really sounds good.

This also provides extra safety protection against surges and spikes which is built-in,
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Fuse protection
  • Over voltage protection
 It’s total power is 40 watts, has 2-pin AC adapter and normal USB 2.0 Port. This charger comes with an option of two colours, onyx and snow. Sydnee is going to be a perfect charger to those who have several iOS devices and really saves power and time. When coming to price of this charges is priced at $ 149.


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